melbourne music photographer ⌁ TANYA VOLTCHANSKAYA

Best of 2016

It has been an eventful year to say the least. I can’t lie and say this hasn’t been one of the hardest years of my life. But it has also been a huge year of growth. Without that growth and test of strength I wouldn’t be about to do what I am planning on doing next year.

In 2017 I am doing two huge things. Firstly I am saying goodbye to Western Australia and moving to Melbourne in July. Secondly I’m embarking on travelling the west coast USA alone for a month.

But 2016. This has been my biggest year of photography yet and I didn’t even know it until I’ve spent this time looking back and trying to cull the year into a hundred photos. I had my first interstate wedding, I travelled all around our enormous and beautiful state of WA, I had my first big exhibition launch, I photographed some of my favourite artists, and this was my first big year of weddings. 

I’ve gotten to know an absolutely incredible community that is the Common Folk Collective. I can’t not mention them here. I haven’t felt more inspired, motivated and ready to jump into the deep end thanks to them - and most importantly haven’t felt more comfortable with myself and doing what I love. 

Here’s to greeting a huge year to come. 

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