Best of 2017

Many places, many faces. 

In 2017 I focused internally on my own needs and what I want to give to the world as a photographer. One of those personal needs was moving to the east coast of Australia, and I now call Melbourne my home (it’s still weird saying it out loud!). I also attended Yeah Field Trip which has blown my mind and changed the way I view photography forever, and travelled across the West Coast of USA alone to gather everything I learned. 

The biggest things I’ve learned as a creative this year-

1. Empathy over ego. I have learned to leave my ego behind on jobs and take care of my clients. I’m not going to force something that isn’t genuine for my clients if it only means to feed my own needs.
2. That it’s ok if I’m not in the mood to work or constantly be producing something. I don’t force it if I’m not feeling creative.
3. Gear doesn’t matter. The most famous photos in history were used on more inferior cameras than your phone.
4. With enough preparation, marketing and networking, it’s really not that hard to transition a freelance creative business to the other side of the country and continue finding very regular work. Fear is the biggest thing that held me back. 

The one thing I wish I did more in 2017 was shoot more music, so that will be a new goal for me next year. I’m really excited to produce a new year of work in a new place in 2018, and document new humans and new moments. 

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