melbourne music photographer ⌁ TANYA VOLTCHANSKAYA

Common Folk Workshop 2017

I presented my very first workshop right before I flew out to Melbourne. The guys at Common Folk asked me to talk all things portrait for other fellow wedding photographers - and not just talk but also do a LIVE SHOOT in front of a crowd. 

My first thoughts were honestly “Really, me?” - I feel like I still have so much to learn in this industry and this crazy world of photography. I’m terrified of public speaking, this is why I hide behind a camera. But my gut said I have to do this. I mean, how scary is it really to talk about the thing I am absolutely most passionate about in my life? 

 As I sat down and thought about how I shoot, I came to a huge realisation. Portrait photography has completely changed overtime for me - it used to be about practising how to use my camera and how to read light, but now it has become about practising how to connect with another human being. About staying present. About self-expression and communication. That’s completely invaluable to me and something I continue to practice in my personal work outside of weddings and music. 

Here are the results from the live shoot. It was pretty bizarre to think there was a huge group of people standing directly behind me during all of this.    

A huge thanks to Friday’s Studio for lending your amazing space, Brook from The Pretty Parlour for the great job on hair and makeup and Monique Willis for your beautiful face. 

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