1. Kitty Crystal: NYC

    Date 07 Dec 2015
    Here’s my last of several portrait shoots I did in New York City – I am so grateful I met so many beautiful and wonderful people on my trip. Met up with Kitty Crystal on a Sunday morning in her space and got some amazing natural light happening. Hope you…

  2. Simone: Soho & Chinatown, NYC

    Date 07 Dec 2015
    I have met so many amazing people on my trip to NYC. I felt so connected with all the creatives I met and Simone was no exception – it’s rare being able to click with somebody so quickly and having the opportunity to create something together We explored the streets…

  3. Chloe and Mariel: The High Line, NYC

    Date 07 Dec 2015
    This is my first of several posts from my time in New York City. This one’s from a darker and edgier look with the wonderful girls Chloe and Mariel from our time on the famous High Line. I love the character of the buildings in the city and the creativity…

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